Futanari Convent Book 1 & 2

Futanari ConventWhen I was preparing to notify the world <cough cough> about my latest book I came across two reviews that I hadn’t read. Surprised me. I thought Amazon was supposed to notify me when a review was put on my author’s page. Regardless, need to do a little crowing. The reviews were written March 31, 2018 while these two books were written March 10, 2016 and March 18, 2016. Wow. Two years ago. And yes, during this period I was putting out one book a week. This was before I discovered Second Life hahahahaaha. It does my heart good to know I am still being read.


Beauty in Ruins reviewed Futanari Convent Book 1: Transition: A Futa Fantasy

 A perversion that enhances the trappings of faith rather than condemns them March 31, 2018
Damn. This was a fantastic story, with an incredible amount of detail in establishing the kinky scenario and the blasphemous setting. My only real complaint is that it is too short, especially in the second part.

With Futanari Convent Book 1: Transition, Isabella Belucci introduces us to an alternate timeline where futanari have not only become the next stage in human evolution, but have become an accepted, integrated part of society. Young women with the right DNA anxiously await their 25th birthday to see if they will transform into sexually charged superiority.

What makes this such a fitting choice for our Hell for the Holidays theme is the ways Belucci has sexualized the setting, the costumes, and the practices of a traditional convent, turning it into a safe place for these young women to be guided through their transformation. Those little details are absolutely glorious, from the black latex fetishized nun’s outfits, to the rosary beads with the futa symbol pendants, to the futanari commandments, to the whole new level of worship required of a true Mother Superior. It is all sex-positive and gender-positive, a perversion that enhances the trappings of faith rather than condemns them (although purists will still find cause to be offended).


Futanari Convent 2

Beauty in Ruins reviewed Futanari Convent Book 2: A New World: A Futa Fantasy

While the first book, Transition, served as an introduction to the new world, it also served as an introduction to Jessica – a young woman on the cusp of her 25th birthday. She is oh-so-eager to become futa, and her experiences with Mother Superior and the other Sisters have only stoked the fires of her desires.

Futanari Convent Book 2: A New World opens with that pivotal birthday, a day that seems disappointingly like any other, sending Jessica to bed with a heavy heart and pains in her stomach. Those pains only get worse, until she passes out from exhaustion. Minor spoiler, perhaps, but if you did not expect her to wake up futa, then you were not reading the same series!

There is not a lot of story to this second half of the story, but what it does offer is some of the must succulent sex scenes Isabella Belucci has ever shared. As was the case with her fetishizing of the convent (which does continue here with ritualized bloodletting and recitation of the futa commandments), it is the little details that make this so rewarding. Things like the almost scalding heat of futa fluids, the massive swelling of breasts, the inhuman size of their futa members, and the insatiable lust of their transformed bodies.

While there are only 2 stories in the Futanari Convent series, the characters do return in the Mother Superior trilogy – Futa v. Vampire, Decisions, and Confrontation – which I am eager to check out next.

Thank you Beauty in Ruins for your thoughts and kind words. <mwahh> These books are available on Amazon.

You’re Kidding Me

7577473-woman-with-surprised-look-in-front-of-computer-stock-photo-shockedColor me surprised. My last book, Desperate Hot Futa Wife has been available for purchase 8 days now… 9 by the time you read this post. Usually, my sales are good for the first weekend and then trail off. Which is OK because I usually have a new one to publish. But this has me flummoxed:


I have a ranking of #23 for Erotica/Lesbian and #27 in Erotica/Transgender. I can’t tell you how overjoyed that makes me.Thanks to you all. Especially you, Ladydawn, for the lovely review. And no, you don’t get a cut of the profits. LOL

A Bunch of Reviews

f9c92c7e10149595e4fdc959b58e2711I just checked my Amazon’s Author Central page for any new reviews and received a shock. A reader, Chris Hughes, has read a buttload of my books over the holiday period. I am honored. What really impressed me was he took the time to review each of the books in a fair and honest manner. No blanket 5s, no blanket 1s. Each was considered individually and rated individually.

What this revealed to me is that each of us brings our likes and dislikes to a read. I’m the same author, yet I keep throwing different personalities, situations, kinks, anything I can think of to vary my plotlines and characters. Some are more romance and sweetness, some delve into BDSM, some lightness and loving and some filled with pain. He liked one, not the other. And he said so. And that is how it should be. As a reader, I tend to stick with one thing. But in writing, everything is fair game. In my mind, then, I am properly spreading my skills in such a way as to reach the widest possible audience.

So thank you, Chris Hughes, for taking the time to not only read my work but to provide feedback to authors. We thrive on them. I thrive on them.

Cover Reveal

futa-wife-book-1Getting to the final stages of my latest book, Desperate Hot Futa Wife. Got the joy of searching my free photo sites to find some appropriately sexy to catch the eye of the casual Kindle browser. Wow. Take two months off and new photos get uploaded like crazy! I had so much to enjoy. I downloaded enough photos for a 10-book series haha. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


What do you think? Would you at least stop your scrolling long enough the read the title?

Miho is a futa who has problems. Her husband has been laid off and unable to find employment. Their savings is dwindling quickly and the rent is building up. If something doesn’t happen fast they are going to find themselves on the street.

While shopping for bogos at the supermarket Miho meets up with an older woman who performs an act of kindness. Going to her home the next day, Miho pays her back… with interest. Impressed, the woman gives her a business card that just may be the answer to Miho’s prayers.


A Couple of 5-Star Reviews

Always like to see these, however short. I thank you Deiron very much. May a futa visit you soon!



Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, November 1, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Mother Superior Book 3: Confrontation (Kindle Edition)
Nice continuation of the previous 2 story’s. Worth for a continuation of this;




Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, November 1, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Futanari Convent Book 1: Transition: A Futa Fantasy (Kindle Edition)
Nice story.




Hilarious Review of My First Book

51hfjlbdlil-_sy346_I have to laugh. This is the absolute worst review  I’ve received and I can’t help but shake my head in wonder. This is for “T-Girl in the Office Book 1: The Beginning.” This is my story, basically, of my first steps as myself. The whole series is based on events from my life, from working in a law office to moving to Florida. It is a nine-book series … my longest to date. So someone picked it up and decided the following:

S ick October 1, 2016
I can only assume the man is a closet flag. He should’ve just apologized and said it’s not my thing.
First, I’m pretty sure I’m not a ‘closet flag.’ I may wave in a stiff breeze but still…
I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who simply did not get the point in any degree. A trans woman meets the man who becomes her great love. He learns to look beyond the superficial and see a beautiful, intelligent woman beyond her penis.
I wonder exactly what this reviewer thought he was going to read from a book who’s very title shouts “T-Girl” as the first word and has the universal transgender logo on the fucking cover. <sigh> Maybe he doesn’t know the meaning of the term.

Review of Mother Superior Book 1: Futa v. Vampire

mother-superior-1I don’t mind telling you I was nervous when Bryce Calderwood posted a review of Futa v. Vampire. It was his books starting with Enthralled that got me interested in combining the futa with the vampire. His take… oh my friends… was unlike any vampire tale you have ever read in your life. No elegant vamps in tuxedos. I had to be sure nothing of his seeped into my own ideas.

So his 4-star review thrills me. I’m on the right track in building the legend of my own ‘creatures of the night.’

Hot and erotic vampire/futa September 21, 2016
A good beginning to a promising series. Tons of constant futa action. Interesting vampire lore. Enjoyed it a lot. Ready for the next!

I will be posting book 2 to Amazon today.  Just finishing up the edits when I ran across this review. I had to take a moment to squeee. Thanks, Master. I kneel at your workstation. (Bryce does DD/ls BDSM, too.)

Bryce Calderwood Review of “It’s A Futa Life Book 1: Fresh Start

A Futa Life 1Holy cow, I’m always honored when someone the calibre of Bryce reviews one of my books. He gave Fresh Start a 4-star review and I’m squeeeeing all over myself. I’ll clean that up later.

Hot futanari erotica with great characters September 3, 2016
A hot and hopeful read about a futanari who finds herself falling for a female cop and then almost loses her. I think it would be fair to call this romantic erotica rather than “just” erotica due to the developing relationship between the futa and cop. Erotic romance as a label might be going too far. It does hit some romance plot points but it’s pretty solid erotica. Ms. Belucci does a good job of hitting all the aspects to futanari sex that futa lovers love about it. The writing is highly competent and economical where it counts, and I don’t recall seeing any errors.
Thank you, Bryce.

A Review of TRANSmission by Bryce Calderwood

Wow! To get a 4-star review from Bryce is head spinning for me. The author of the darkest futanari/vampire/octogirl and now DD/lg BDSM fiction I have ever read is someone I’ve followed for a while. I’m honored he’d ever read one of my works, let alone review it.

Father's Revenge (2)By Bryce Calderwood on June 6, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Karma’s a b*tch, and that b*tch’s name is Yeong.

TRANSmission is a dark, violent, sexy read. Ms. Belucci’s writing is tight, economical, but with enough description and attention paid to the setting to make you feel like you’re right there with Yeong, sharing her body and her headspace. And it’s a pretty interesting headspace to be in.The violence and sex play against each other and overlap quite satisfactorily. The heat level is up there, that’s for sure, and I enjoyed it. This is a revenge story, told from the point of view of the person that in most stories would be the antagonist. In TRANSmission, you sympathize with Yeong, though. Or at least I did.

There’s very little for which to fault this story. I saw only one grammatical error. I found Yeong’s career choice and what it involved unbelievable. The story is told in third person omniscient, which works well but at one point we’re head-hopped between two people during a short flashback interlude that only one of those people is remembering. The subject of that flashback also didn’t sit well with me: that trope of highly-distressed woman needs a friendly shoulder to cry on which becomes sex. I just don’t find that terribly believable. None of this prevented me from enjoying the book immensely, but it’s why I’m giving it four stars instead of five.

Overall I do recommend this book: it’s well-written, thrilling, and hot.

You want dark? Go take a look at Bryce’s Author Page on Amazon. Oh, and of course TRANSmission is available on Amazon, too.

My Review of Life in Suspension by MSTarot


e42fa8845b4507acd155d42d9fc06e5fI read MSTarot at the suggestion of another author whose work I admire. I was linked to Literotica, which is a great source of browse-worthy stories. At random I chose a story category near and dear to my own writing preferences – Transsexuals and Transgenders.

[Note: This was published in 2014 as an entry in a writer’s competition. They used a theme of music as a basis for the competition. The author used “Tomorrow We’ll See” by Sting. Unfortunately, I’m not into this type of music . . . not my genre (yes, I am an old fuddy-duddy). Which means I had no frame of reference. Instead, I simply read the story for itself.]

Life in Suspension tells the story of a young trans who becomes Alexus (love the way this name comes about) and meets up with Gabriel, a gorgeous trans prostitute in a life changing event. She discovers both love and what her own life will become.

I found the story well-developed, growing from initial yearnings to apply make-up to a full-blown professional lady of the evening. The sex progresses from hints of the act to fully blown (pun intended) descriptions. I loved this line from the start of a fellatio scene. Alexus had dragged her teeth the length of her customer’s cock, then lightly bit the tip of his cock. She looked up at him: “You yank my wig off, I’ll bite the end off. Understand?” Made me laugh.

Within the story the author touched on the ludicrous state of bathroom encounters with a remark given that drags up intense feelings for Alexus, feelings for the hurtful actions of bigoted, seriously misguided people. The writing was powerful. I got a little teary. Do they even know how they can affect us with such casual hurtful asides? Well done.

Then a heartbreak occurs that will reverberate throughout the rest of the story. She loses her mentor, her true love. Very emotional, well written.

Minor complaint: The author uses some words I personally don’t like, but that’s obviously a choice of the writer. In no way did it detract from my enjoyment, but they just added some jarring notes to the song.

By the end of the narrative Alexus has gone full circle and is herself a mentor to a newbie.

I rate this 4.5-stars. A good editing would move this to 5-stars. I thought it was delightfully written and emotional – you will cry at some point. I fully enjoyed this story. I’ll have to check out some of the others. You can find this list at MSTarot Literotica Page. Go. Read. Enjoy.