It’s A Futa Life Book 1: Fresh Start LIVE

A Futa Life 1My latest series begins: It’s A Futa Life Book 1: Fresh Start. Cynthia is  attacked by bigoted thugs in Washington, DC. Fearful of another such event she flees the big city, opting for a small community in the Florida panhandle. No one knows her.She knows no one. Her new life will be a clean slate.

She meets Anna, a beautiful deputy sheriff. There’s a mutual attraction… and so we’re off on a new romance full of love and lust, pain and passion.


Cynthia suffered a horrifying experience at the hands of thugs merely because she is a futanari. Frightened of a repeat occurrence, possibly with mortal consequences, she flees the city of Washington, DC and heads for a small town in the Florida panhandle. It’s new. No one knows her, she knows no one. Here she can start anew and rebuild her life.

When she meets Anna, an attractive deputy sheriff, she feels an immediate attraction. It becomes quickly apparent that the feelings are mutual. Each are isolated in their own existence. Can they overcome their loneliness and make a success of what they have begun?

When a series of terroristic explosions involving the police come across the news, Cynthia is frantic with worry. She can’t reach Anna no matter how many times she calls. Is Anna alright, or is this romance to be nipped in the bud?


“This has been a wonderful day, Cynthia. Thanks for having me over.”

“It has been my pleasure. In the short time we’ve known each other I feel a real kinship.”

“Me, too. I’ve felt so isolated at work. All those blustery leering men around. To finally meet someone like you . . . sweet, gentle, loving . . . I feel my life becoming complete. I hope I’m not scaring you with my feelings,” Anna said, studying her face.

“Not at all. It’s been years since I have felt safe. Anywhere. Yet here, with you, I’m at peace.”

“I like that,” she said, smiling. Anna wrapped her arms around Cynthia’s waist and brushed her lips against her neck. She had a soapy smell from the shower combined with an odor of spices from cooking. Cynthia moaned softly and closed her eyes. Her hand caressed Anna’s breasts. Anna eased Cynthia back onto the mattress and loomed over her, looking into her eyes. Tears formed.

“Sorry,” Anna murmured, “it’s been a long time since I felt this way.”

“Me too, darling.”

Anna lifted Cynthia’s crop top over her head exposing her ample bosom. Her finger circled a nipple causing it to swell. She had discovered the left was much more sensitive than the right and used that in her ministrations. When one became too sensitive she switched, continuing the pleasure yet offering relief. After a short time white milk began leaking from the left. She smeared it around the areola, then dipped her head to lick at it. Cynthia responded by tangling her hand in Anna’s hair to pull tighter.

“So tasty,” Anna sighed. Cynthia smiled and mewled her happiness.

Anna’s hand found Cynthia’s jean shorts leg and followed the thigh to its juncture. Heat from the futa genitalia led her to a swollen clit. She pushed on it. It stood proud. As she pulsed against the tight nub Cynthia groaned deep in her chest, a rumbling sound of passion. A gush of honey oozed from the wet cunt coating Anna’s fingers. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked noisily, licking between long fingers to get every drop.

Join in the first of several episodes at It’s A Futa Life Book 1: Fresh Start on Amazon. I promise you’ll sweat.

Trouble in V Land

AdobeStock_50031686-650x433Ma belle V is having problems adjusting to my… special friend. In case you don’t slavishly read my every textual utterance (and why aren’t you? I’m fucking interesting!), let me give a quick recap. When I moved from DC to a tiny town in Florida a small group of church ladies took me under their wing. I had no friends. I moved in cold. They were sweet, asked me to dinner and birthdays and other events. It kept me social, which I’m not. But I appreciated them and always have a good time with great food. (They are mostly Filipinas… cooking machines!)

Things went swimmingly for years when out of the blue one of them, V, asked if I would be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. Well, yes and no. Yes, who doesn’t want a romantic relationship? I yearn so for companionship, love, all the usual stuff to be in my life. No, I had no idea she was (1) interested and (2) lesbian. And as it turned out, she had no idea I was a transwoman.

Our first physical encounter was interesting, to say the least. She batted that thing like it was a playtoy. And I guess in some ways it was although, thanks to my HRT, not too reliable. Haha. But she is, indeed, a lesbian and thus having a hard time reconciling her feelings toward men and my own vestigial equipment. (Oh god, I’ve never gotten to use that word before… vestigial. I love it!) No matter how many times and in various ways explained that I am, indeed a woman, despite my deformity, she just can’t grasp it.

While it is still ongoing she’s seeing me less and less and I have a feeling it will eventually die out. The arc of the relationship is going in the wrong direction. We’ve never lived together, only dated and horsed around. We’ll see. I’ve been alone for a long time. I can go the rest of my life alone. But don’t you think that life is so much more fun when you have someone to share it with, to hold when looking at a beautiful sunset, to marvel at a painting, a song? <sigh>


d60fa666fcb5dc71cfe3cfdf7e3a0d53How my mind works is so scary sometimes. I was just poking around my upcoming book when this memory just popped up… thought I’d share it. (The book has nothing about this, which is why it was scary. Where the fuck did this come from?)

I grew up Pentecostal when young and drifted into the unaffiliated charismatic movement in early adulthood before finally going to Catholicism. Charismatics are big into the holy Spirit and its gifts, i.e. laying on of hands for healing, blessing, speaking/singing in tongues, etc.

After being a member since we had started meeting in our homes a small group of them came to me one night. “We have prayed and it has been revealed to us that you are carrying a demon inside you.” <really, I thought it was just a bad burrito> “We are going to cast out this hellhound once and for all.” <at this point they handed me an office wastebasket> “Be careful. When it is expelled into that pail it will still be dangerous. We’ll deal with it then.” <at this point about six burly men and a couple badly dressed women surrounded me, put hands on various parts of my body and began praying in tongues, loudly and vehemently. It got louder and louder, sweatier… I started to feel real bad that nothing was happening to me. I tried my darndest to throw something up, just to make them happy, but nothing. Not even the burrito.> “This one is strong. It will require more prayer and meditation. Go home. Read your bible seeking direction. We’ll try again when the Spirit moves us.”

Gee, for some reason I never went back to that little group.

Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 4This fourth book, Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout, has gone live on Amazon. I’m a little depressed about it. As I was writing I could see where the characters were leading me, and I hated it. I like love, romance, sweetness, hot sex… you know, the basics of life. Yet here I was transcribing what they were doing and I just knew it wasn’t going to end the way I personally wanted. Regardless, it’s published. [And a side note: after the last debacle where it took several days to finally go live Amazon got this one online in less than six hours. So fast I wasn’t prepared for this posting!]


The lifestyle they have fallen into is starting to affect Miho. Her spouse, the futa Ruby, has been enjoying herself too much with other people. Will their difference in opinion break up this couple? When Ruby meets an attractive novelist at a writer’s conference, will she have a moment of weakness? Can she keep a secret from Miho?

This is a 7,400-word story of love and betrayal. It contains scenes of sexual acts between futa and Asian, futa and male, masturbation and heartbreak.


“I bet you never expected to be here with me,” he said softly as he brushed his hand across her bulging breasts. He was rewarded with a sharp intake of air as Ruby’s nipples hardened like pebbles.

“Not with any man,” she said, voice tight.

“Why not? My god woman, you are literally built for sex. It fucking oozes from your pores.”

“You sweet talker you.” His sweaty palm trailed down her body and slid under the skirt. Carefully avoiding a dangling cock a finger pressed on the swollen clit. Ruby groaned and pushed her hips against him.

Miho heard the groan through the door – it tore her soul. She know that sound well. She had caused that sound often enough. A single hot tear rolled down her cheek. It tasted of salt . . . it was bitter.

Ruby felt between their bodies. His cock was a bar of steel nudging her giant futa junk. It paled in comparison.

“Damn, you could hit a home run with that Louisville Slugger,” he said in admiration. Her hand felt the length of his shaft.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

He kissed her full lips as lust suffused his body. His beard scratched her skin. It was in turn irritating and stimulating. Cupping her ass he pulled her to him. Cocks rubbed as they swayed gently. Shane sniffed her hair, floral scent filling his nostrils.

“You smell delicious, doll.” She chuckled softly.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” she crooned in his ear.

“Bad grammar but I’ll use it.”

Miho felt she was going to vomit. Not from feeling ill but from the cheesy lines. It is so obvious Ruby was far above this guy. Still, the kissing and slurping sounds were starting to get to her. She groped a tight breast drawing self-pleasure. Each moan from the other side of the door made her echo softly.

So come and get Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout. It’ll make you sweat.

Revisit Some Boy Mode Days

imagesI had yet another funeral to attend yesterday. This is getting to be a habit, sadly. This was in a town I used to live in a few years ago before I started transitioning. Being a good Catholic male at the time, I was a member of the Knights of Columbus. After a short time I became an officer in both the Council and the Assembly (two divisions of the KoC). In fact, I am a Past Grand Knight and Past Faithful Navigator. I still pay dues annually. They just think I moved out of town and didn’t transfer my membership to the local Council. Heehee, maybe I should join the Ladies Auxiliary instead.

So anyway, into the Council came this gentleman, a very nice man, who happened to have the same birthday as I. He was ten years older than me but still, the same day. How cool. So we became friends. We matched each other position by position… he did two years Grand Knight, I did two years. He did two years Faithful Navigator… well, you get the idea.

He was a Vietnam Vet, a helicopter pilot. G_____ used to tell hilarious stories of his flying experience in combat (he flew Chinooks which is relatively unarmed… not totally, but it’s not the exciting lead slinging helicopters of movie fame).

One time at a fundraiser at a Walmart handing out free Tootsie Rolls hoping for donations, he told this story to a bunch of us: “I had to pick up a squad to get them out of the firestorm. They had the high ground for defensive purposes but gave me no flat surface to land. So I pressed the landing gear against the hill and held it there, sideways, while the men made their way to me. Over the top came a group of the enemy firing right at me. I held steady and starting firing back with my .45. I wasn’t about to leave those boys. We loaded, I pulled up and away while giving the little bastards the finger. Unfortunately, they had shot out my windshield. I had to fly all the way back to FOB with the wind in my face. But I got ’em back.” Then he turned to me: “M____, tell us a war story about being in the band.” He said it with a twinkle in his eye, the bastard! I forgot what silly story I told. Doesn’t matter. His story showed me the kind of man he was, and continued to be throughout his life. He would work a fundraiser for every last dime, and with the Knights every last dime was presented to the various Intellectual Disability institutions around, and the Special Olympics.

An amusing aside. There is a ceremony for fallen Knights. Lots of pomp and ceremony, presentations, honor guard, all going on before the funeral. This is done by the very Assembly I led for two years in boy mode. I saw so many folks that I knew for years and was a little concerned. I got some looks but nothing more. No flash of recognition from anyone. I just wanted to say my farewells to an old friend. I was in and out in a few hours.

Life goes on.

You Won’t Believe It

imagesSo there I was last night, sitting at my laptop having a lovely dance on Catalina Island with this beautiful, blond CD (in Second Life, sadly) when my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood my ex-priest. He asked if he could come in and, of course, ever the lady, I invited him in.

He said he was concerned over my sudden departure from the church. I had been such an active participant, an integral part of the community. He wondered what prompted my decision. I told him that the subject of his last few homilies had been personally offensive and I saw no reason to allow myself to be offended.

“Why? What offended you?” “Your diatribe about men in dresses.” (Yes dear readers, I actually used ‘diatribe’. I talk like that.) “But I was talking about those confused about their god-given gender.” “I understand, Father. I’m not confused. I KNOW I’m a woman.” Dead silence. Then you could see realization cross his face. Delicious!

Then the real reason comes out. “G_____ died last night. We’re having a funeral on Friday. Could you come back long enough to run that through?” (I am… was… the head of the bereavement committee)


That felt goooooooood. (Not about G_____, of course. He was a nice guy. But there is a whole group of ladies involved in the committee. They’ll be fine.)

The Office Futa Bundle LIVE

Office Futa BundleYou can’t keep a good woman down. It took approximately 94 hours to publish my latest book. The Office Futa Bundle is live on Amazon. It’s of a futa who is not going to be denied success. She fights through everything to find success and love. Much as I fought to get this fucking book published!


Elena is a young futa determined to better her life through education and hard work. Forced to debase herself to obtain an office job in the first place, she quickly proves herself to cold, prejudiced co-workers. In the process, she develops a close – very close – relationship with her high-spirited colleague.

Will the enemies she has made ultimately defeat her . . . break her down? Or will she thrive through the adversity? There’s only one way to find out.

This is a 20,000-word bundle of previous books. It contains futa, lesbian, light BDSM, masturbation, oral sex and riding. And of course, love and romance.


Book 1: Hired

“Dance?” she asked. Elena shrugged her shoulders. Why not?

Big mistake. Almost any touch can make a futa horny. Throw in some alcohol, slow music and a delightful companion and you have the makings of rowdy sex. Wrapping Joy in her arms to the romantic song blaring loudly, Elena felt her breasts swell into Joy’s and was surprised when Joy’s hard nipples dug into her. She was even more surprised when Joy’s hands cupped her ass and pulled against her. Elena’s cock interpreted that as a call to duty. The erection was immediate and strong, stretching between Joy’s legs and tapping against her buttocks.

“Eek,” she squealed when she felt the hot cock between her cheeks. Both skirts of their sundresses were raised and pushed out of the way by the thrusting member. The crowd on the dance floor was large enough that no one noticed what was happening. But Elena was aware . . . very aware. She knew she had to get Joy out of there before they disgraced themselves.

Book 2: Dirty Tricks

“Don’t go back to sleep, darling. You don’t want the boss yelling at you for being late.”

“Ummm.” Shaking her head Elena left.

As soon as the door closed Joy sat up and looked around. With a glance at the clock she plopped back onto her pillow and draped her arm across her eyes. Her other arm rubbed Elena’s pillow. It was still warm. She pulled it to her face so she could smell her lover’s scent. God, I’m in love with a mutant. A wonderful, caring, beautiful sexy mutant.

She gathered the sheet between her legs and squeezed her thighs on the silky material. Carnal jolts shot through her body. Pressing her nose against the pillow, her breathing quickened. As her clit hardened she gave a long shuttering sigh. Nipples sprouted from fleshy cones and stretched toward the ceiling. Her back arched sensuously.

“Oh god, why aren’t you here,” she groaned. It’s only been minutes and she already misses the feel of the futa’s body, her warmth, breath against her cheek.

Staring sightless at the ceiling Joy ran the flat of her palms gently across her chest. She massaged the flesh. Hands slid along the sides to press against the slight bulge. With her fingers she trailed along the warm skin to pinch the areoles. Gooseflesh popped around the small dark circles. The tips hardened, offering themselves to her grasping fingers. She teased them, pulling with two fingers, twisting, tugging until they were stiff and engorged.

Joy groaned softly enjoying the pleasure she was giving herself and anticipating what was to come. Leaving one hand on her breast the other trailed slowly over her flat stomach to rest on her hairless mound. A finger traced the soft, yielding flesh of her outer lips. She pried them open gently to slid one finger up and down the pink moist opening. Warm juices eased from the slit, lubricating. She marveled at the difference between her inner and outer, thicker, lips. Keeping two fingers together she continued exploring, enjoying the sensations.

Book 3: Power Play

They didn’t waste any time, heading straight into the bedroom. Side by side with hips mashed against one another, Elena kissed Joy gently, hand cupping her face. Her fingers traced a smooth cheek before curling around her neck to pull tightly. The intensity of the kiss grew, passion communicated in the most basic of ways. A probing tongue was answered with rapid breathing and a soft moan.

Elena abandoned the face and sought the soft curves of her chest. Joy heaved against the pressure, pressing herself on the insistent palm. Her hand covered Elena’s to pull even harder, clenching her delicate globe. Elena broke the kiss.

“These would get huge, you know. You always look so fashionable now. Clothes won’t fit right after.”

“Really? I’d get like these, huh,” she said as her small hand grabbed a handful of futa boob. Flesh overflowed her fingers.

“Exactly. Imagine walking down the street with these like two fighting dogs under your blouse. The stares you’d get, the catcalls.” In response Joy pinched a growing nipple between her fingers. Elena sucked air.

Elena’s hand wandered lovingly across Joy’s stomach to brush across the front of her panties. She could feel puffy lips underneath, heat radiating from them. With a sob Joy fell back on the bed, arm across her eyes. She concentrated on the sensations emanating from the nexus of hand to cunt. Elena kept the pressure precisely right, encouraging a burgeoning clitoris.

Joy placed her hand along the long bulge that was Elena’s cock. It was already thick and throbbing with life. She pulsed on it, gripping and releasing, teasing the giant meat.

“And having a futanari penis, darling. It can actually become a problem of balance. He thinks for himself, I swear to god. And not knowing where to put it.”

“Oh baby,” Joy said, smiling, “I’d know where to put it.” She chuckled lightly.

So come join me and read The Office Futa Bundle. It’ll make you sweat.