First Time Couple

IMG_0006So the group of ladies who adopted me went out for Memorial Day lunch. My new honey V and I went together. We met up at Panama City Beach, not egregiously far from the small burg I live in. The restaurant is Pineapple Willy’s. I ate a seafood platter with enough food to choke down a garbage disposal! Fried everything. Diet be damned!!!!

This is the first time we’ve been with the group as ‘us’. (In case you aren’t memorizing my every move . . . and why wouldn’t you, I’m fucking fascinating! . . . V came from that group and wanted to up the relationship. Shocked when she discovered I bring a little extra to the game, she has hung in there pretty doggone good so far.) We have been getting a lot of side eyes from the girls as we are pretty PDA, which I’m actually uncomfortable with but I’ll go along with it to make V happy.

It’s a lovely Memorial Day, the weather perfect, the beaches packed as you can see. And our waiter says this is nothing . . . just wait until Spring Break! No thanks. The smell of suntan lotion is already making me a little woozy.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday. Just don’t forget . . . soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors have died to keep us safe. Remember to take a moment to say a word of thanks. I’ll thank them as we all go shopping after the meal. Gotta waddle off the calories somehow.

Aging Futanari

30ba2748447bb85a6eab2860af0d16a6As I’ve noted before in my posts, when writing your characters really take over. At times, I’m merely a stenographer. I’m currently about a third through another Futanari Convent book, this one titled Vampire. The futas in Washington DC are being attacked by a vampire. The Mother Superior of the Convent is called upon to find and destroy said vampire.

So I’m into a scene right now when … bam! … Mother Superior is looking at herself in a mirror and gauging how her age is creeping up on her. She’s not as firm as she was, her tits are sagging, and she had to start wearing a condom full time because she drips precum constantly.

Is my mind trying to tell me something obliquely?! LOL

Josie’s World

Hey darling, it’s been days since your post. Your site has no “About Me” with contact info, so this is my only avenue. I hope you’re OK… I’m a little worried. You are such a prolific poster normally. Your followers love you. Give us a ‘hey’!

My Billionaire Bundle LIVE

My Billionaire BundleMy latest book, My Billionaire Bundle, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

I could not get into writing Futa Road Trip Book 4 this week so I decided to bundle some stories written last year. When I first discovered Kindle Direct Publishing I did some studying of what was being published and sold. Doing my due diligence so I’d know how to aim my writing. Erotica is a massive seller, and since I am an erotic kinda person, that was an easy choice. Within that group, there were a ton of best sellers for werewolves, motorcycle clubs, billionaires.

So I wrote a couple of billionaire books. “The Billionaire and the Big Deal” was my take on a BBW working for a law firm who performs notarial duties at a deal closing and meets the rich client. When she stands up for herself against an asshole attorney he notices her and is intrigued. What she has to decide is: is this attention just a poke-the-big-girl ploy or is it something real?

The second book is The Billionaire’s T-Girl. [An aside: I don’t know, I really don’t like the word ‘t-girl.’ Nothing specific against it, just don’t like it. This was my second use of it, the first being ‘T-Girl in the Office’ which went for nine books! I used the word because I had no idea who my audience would be . . . would they recognize a t-girl, a trans woman, a transgender person when they are browsing the selections? So I opted for what I thought a cis reader would recognize and buy. My bad.]

Anyway, The Billionaire’s T-Girl concerns a real estate agent secure in her identity. She is trying to sell a beach house to a rich computer geek. In being honest about the pending deal, she ends up fired. When he then offers her a job she has to decide why. A walk on the wild side? Something different in his bed? Or is he sincere?

The excerpt from The Big Deal:

That night Elizabeth couldn’t wait to get out of her clothes. She had spent the rest of the day thinking about that handshake with Richard. Oh sure, it was nothing, really. But in her mind’s eye it was fraught with sexual tension. He looked directly into her eyes as he grasped her hand. It was warm, exuding strength.

She left a trail of clothes from her living room to her bedroom, falling naked into her bed. That’s it, she thought. Either I lose a few pounds or I have to get larger clothes. Elizabeth had very large breasts with light colored areoles and nipples that, when excited, stood proudly. Her hips were wide. The waist between was deceptively small, giving her an exaggerated hourglass figure she liked. Her legs were thick.

Her mind went back to watching Richard control the boardroom. She knew she was acting stupidly in there. She could have notarized those signatures without pressing to see IDs. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. Richard wasn’t even looking at her during the confrontation. Who was she trying to impress? Certainly not that little Napoleon Baxter.

One hand came up to lightly stroke her breast. She squeezed its fullness, one fingertip flicking across a nipple. A small moan escaped her lips. She closed her eyes and thought of the way Richard looked in the boardroom. All of the other men were in shirtsleeves, rolled up their arms like they were actually working. But Richard had his suit coat on. Immaculately dressed. While the others looking tired and stressed, he was calm. He moved from one man to another, talking softly. His face was unlined. She had read he was fifty, but he looked decades younger. I guess that’s what being a billionaire will do for you, she thought.

Having teased her nipples into erection, she dragged her other hand down across her belly into the tangle of her public hair. When a fingertip traced across her clitoris she took a sharp intake of breath. God, this was going to feel good, she thought.

An excerpt from T-Girl:

Being a trans is not easy. You have to be careful who you reveal yourself to. On more than one occasion I had been with what I thought was a nice guy, only to end up verbally and physically abused when I revealed myself. In self-defense, then, I had closed myself off the last few years. I spent time improving myself instead. Oh sure, there was the occasional brief, one night fling type thing. Nothing more than a hand job to some guy without revealing myself. It gave me a little human contact while keeping myself safe.

As I stood in the shower with the warm water running down my body, I closed my eyes and imaged Steven was with me. It was his hands that caressed my breasts, his fingers tweaking my nipples into hardness.

I soaped my body, lingering on my hairless cock. I teased the head, pulling my foreskin back. With one finger I used my long fingernail to tease just under the cockhead where it was most sensitive. I gently scratched at it as my dick reached its full length.

At last I took hold of my dick and began to pump it, imagining Steven’s hand wrapped around me. It didn’t take long before I shot a load onto the shower wall.

As my thighs stopped shaking I stood under the water and turned the knob to cold. The freezing stream splashed on my head. Damn that felt good, I thought. Now that’s a way to end a day like this. My biggest commission ever. My first firing. Perfect.

I hope you read my early efforts. I reread them making some edits and found I still enjoyed them. Why not, huh! LOL. Now available at My Billionaire Bundle.


My Review of Life in Suspension by MSTarot


e42fa8845b4507acd155d42d9fc06e5fI read MSTarot at the suggestion of another author whose work I admire. I was linked to Literotica, which is a great source of browse-worthy stories. At random I chose a story category near and dear to my own writing preferences – Transsexuals and Transgenders.

[Note: This was published in 2014 as an entry in a writer’s competition. They used a theme of music as a basis for the competition. The author used “Tomorrow We’ll See” by Sting. Unfortunately, I’m not into this type of music . . . not my genre (yes, I am an old fuddy-duddy). Which means I had no frame of reference. Instead, I simply read the story for itself.]

Life in Suspension tells the story of a young trans who becomes Alexus (love the way this name comes about) and meets up with Gabriel, a gorgeous trans prostitute in a life changing event. She discovers both love and what her own life will become.

I found the story well-developed, growing from initial yearnings to apply make-up to a full-blown professional lady of the evening. The sex progresses from hints of the act to fully blown (pun intended) descriptions. I loved this line from the start of a fellatio scene. Alexus had dragged her teeth the length of her customer’s cock, then lightly bit the tip of his cock. She looked up at him: “You yank my wig off, I’ll bite the end off. Understand?” Made me laugh.

Within the story the author touched on the ludicrous state of bathroom encounters with a remark given that drags up intense feelings for Alexus, feelings for the hurtful actions of bigoted, seriously misguided people. The writing was powerful. I got a little teary. Do they even know how they can affect us with such casual hurtful asides? Well done.

Then a heartbreak occurs that will reverberate throughout the rest of the story. She loses her mentor, her true love. Very emotional, well written.

Minor complaint: The author uses some words I personally don’t like, but that’s obviously a choice of the writer. In no way did it detract from my enjoyment, but they just added some jarring notes to the song.

By the end of the narrative Alexus has gone full circle and is herself a mentor to a newbie.

I rate this 4.5-stars. A good editing would move this to 5-stars. I thought it was delightfully written and emotional – you will cry at some point. I fully enjoyed this story. I’ll have to check out some of the others. You can find this list at MSTarot Literotica Page. Go. Read. Enjoy.

Omaha Memories

b0fe9dd5cc2211c89f0086c4ade1de0bSo as I started to say in my last post, during this period of time, I didn’t know what I was. The only option I could come up with was gay. I dressed accordingly. I remember going to dinner with a straight male friend of mine, a pianist . . . hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here (see Memories of Times Past which concerns an organist). I wore tight trousers, stacked heels (they were in at the time) with a puffy, ruffled shirt — very ruffled! I looked like a gay pirate. I ordered a bottle of wine with the meal. So the poor server brought a bottle of wine, then couldn’t figure out who to pour the tasting sample for. I may have ordered it, but obviously, I was the girl. I helped him out . . . I nodded towards my friend.

I played electric bass in a jazz trio the pianist started (understand I was actually a bassoonist but wanted to make some extra money. I took a week off to learn electric bass, which made me one of the worst electric bassists in the known world). He booked us gigs in South Dakota — jazz in South fucking Dakota. All of the requests coming from the floor was for country-western music. We hadn’t a clue so basically we played “Kansas City” in different keys several times a night. Ghastly!

He went to school in Sioux Falls and had a girlfriend there. They set me up with a tall, red-haired basketball player. Awww, such a nice friend.

That was a really odd period of time. I knew I wasn’t straight, yet the gay sex I had was unsatisfactory. Something just was not right. What could it be, I wondered? I didn’t solve that conundrum for nine more years! Wow — I’m a slow learner.

Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Bound LIVE

Futa Road Trip 3I’m happy to report that I have published Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Unbound without harming any animals or small children. Writing it is bringing back both good and bad memories of my three years stationed at Offutt AFB. I’ll have to post some as I clarify them in my mind.

Anywho, this book continues the journey of Rose, the futa lobbyist as she moves to a new job in San Francisco. She takes along Dusty, the sexy black woman she hooked up with in Chicago. Rose was impressed with her ambition and is determined to improve her own interpersonal relationships. Dusty just might be a good first step for her.

This is the blurb:

The futa Rose and her new companion Dusty have left Chicago, making their way to San Francisco. Their first stop is Omaha. Rose can’t wait to buy some new clothes – Dusty can’t wait to pick up life experiences.

And what an experience they will have at La Club, a sex club only too willing to welcome the sexy duo. From the giant military man with Rose to the Japanese woman training Dusty, they will find someone truly Omaha bound.

And the excerpt:

The two walked carefully down the wide stairs that was the entry to La Club. It appeared to be in the basement of the building over the top of it… a hotel. Isn’t that convenient, Rose thought. They stood just inside the door, eyes adjusting to the cacophony of activity in the dimness.

Dusty wore a crossover bright blue tulip dress that hugged her body. Her chest, thanks to the miracle of tape, displayed some cleavage. The short skirt showed off her legs. Rose was in a sea-green sequined dress that caught what little light radiated around the room. Candles stuck in numerous sconces, certain to be fake, produced faint illumination. Faint lighting can be our friend, she thought. Her futa body stretched the material of the dress to its limit. The hem was too short to successfully hide her penis which dangled between her muscular thighs. The breasts, fully covered, pushed proudly before her like the prow of a seagoing vessel.

They could feel eyes on them. Many eyes of both sexes. Dusty wrapped an arm around Rose, eyes roaming the room taking in everything and everyone. Talk that had stopped on entry of the two lovelies began again. This time they were being talked about. And why not. They were a stunning duo.

Rose led them toward the back. Along the way were several hallways that shuttled into other parts of the club. A wide variety of body types were on display. Everywhere she looked had writhing, sweaty bodies, clothed and unclothed. The small rooms appeared to be specialized: chains, whips, odd-looking chairs; huge mattress; saddles with bridles. A large room was stuffed with squirming men and women in various configurations. Some she couldn’t fathom right away, but before she could interpret what she was seeing another movement would catch her eye.

A couple of lovely young women took Dusty by the hand and pulled her in one direction, while a giant stud of a man whisked Rose in the other. He led her to a large room – probably the main room – where couples were scattered about randomly. The men stood, staring down at their kneeling companion eagerly sucking swollen cocks. Sweat poured down their chests. The women fisted the jutting members while another woman knelt behind the male, pinching and rubbing flat asses.

Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Unbound is available at Amazon. Oh, and notice the style of the book’s cover. That is based on a new template I’ve been working on. I’m trying to come up with a design that brands me to browsers. So I figured since all my work is either transgender erotica or futanari erotica (which I consider an offshoot of TG) I would use the transgender colors and either a transgender or a futanari symbol. And my honey V came up with a publisher’s name: A Cariñosa Publication. That is now my template for future works. Fun stuff.

Diagramming Time For My Book

orgyOh lord, I’m doing it again. In my latest, book 3 of the Futa Road Trip series, I’ve managed to get my two characters into an orgy in Omaha. [It certainly wasn’t that exciting when I lived there, although just now, writing this, I recall I did find myself involved in a foursome with an ex-wife and a couple I didn’t even know. I had just landed from a TDY, she picked me up and on the way home asked if I wanted to sleep with this other couple she had met while I was gone. We didn’t even go home so I could change out of uniform. Wow, I had completely forgotten that. This series is lots of fun for my memories.] It’s a sex club, actually, but the term orgy fits nicely. So once again I’m having to draw out an outline of who is doing what to whom. This time, I have four couples that keep getting a third participate to help out. That’s a max of twelve people. My, I’m exhausted just running it through my mind. I bet you didn’t know writing erotica could be so tiring. Wish me luck!

Beautiful Day At The Dog Park

IMG_0961It’s a lovely day here in the Florida panhandle. Just lovely. I do like the smell of the South. So many exotic scents floating around. I took my Rachel and my new friend V to the dog park, hoping Rachel would mingle with the others. But as usual, despite so many dogs running around just her size, she still preferred to sit in a lap and observe. Like mother, like daughter LOL. At least she shared my Filipina’s lap instead of mine full time. That’s a step up in socialization.

I think V’s settling in nicely to our budding relationship. Since my equipment doesn’t function well (thank you, hormones) it doesn’t seem to disturb her lesbian sensibilities. I believe her mind boggles at the concept of me being a lesbian, too  Not the first time I’ve had to discuss that with a woman I was seeing. [It occurs to me, almost all of the trans women I know prefer women. Hmm. Just struck me. I’m sure there’s been a study done somewhere on that issue.] And I think she’s either run out of questions about trans issues or is simply mulling everything over I’ve said so far. Actually, the biggest discussion we’ve had in the last week concerned all the bathroom nonsense. I’m actually happy she’s comfortable enough with me to have a disagreement about it. Makes for interesting conversation.

I hope everyone is enjoying this good weather. Soon, here, it will be high 90s-low 100s. Then it’s beach time, tanning, mojito under a beach umbrella relaxing kind of thing.

I think that explains my huge drop in sales/page reads. Better things to do than sitting and reading smut! That’s OK. Just gives me an opportunity to expand my catalog. I have 40 books published right now. By the time fall sets in and people want to sit and read I’ll have 60  for them to choose from. I’ll get their money… now or then! <cackling maniacally while rubbing hands together>

So Happy With This Review!

UnbowedComing from such a writer as Patient Lee this is a real honor. The very first writing of hers I read on Literotica brought tears to my eyes. Her opinion means a lot to me. Thank you, Patient Lee.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good writing and an emotional story, May 11, 2016

By Patient Lee

This review is from: Unbowed: An Erotic Romance (Kindle Edition)

Unbowed was my first Isabella Belucci story. This one is a roller coaster of emotions as the reader follows Nora, a transgender woman, from the high point of believing that her boyfriend is planning to propose to the gutter, giving head to a stranger in a public bathroom. As she wallows in her misery, she finds that love was right in front of her the whole time. Belucci packs a lot of action and emotion into a short tale, and her writing is good. No distracting errors or overly wordy phrases. A satisfying read for those who enjoy transwoman lesbian sex.

Unbowed: An Erotic Romance is available at Amazon.