The Trans and The Marine Bundle LIVE

Trans Marine BundleI have bundled my second favorite trans erotic romance series, The Trans and The Marine Bundle, which is available now on Amazon. It’s about a Thai-American trans woman with some rough spots in her past, trying to start a relationship with a marine she met in her workplace. Here’s the blurb:

This is a bundle of two previously published works, Consultation and Maneuvers. If you bought them separately, do not buy this bundle as there are only minor edits, nothing of substance.

Book 1: Consultation — When GySgt Doug attends court-ordered couples therapy with his soon-to-be ex-wife he is distracted by the beautiful young Thai secretary, Kelli. She finds herself also drawn to this big marine. There was just something about this man that caught her attention. She had had bad experiences in the past when her uniqueness was exposed. She wasn’t about to let that happen again. Could she put aside her trepidations and trust her heart? What would he do once her truth was revealed?

Book 2: Maneuvers — Kelli agrees to date Doug, knowing that she could possibly be putting herself in a dangerous situation. Doug has to earn her trust. They go for a long romantic walk along the beach waiting for the sunset. She answers any questions he has. And he has many. Is that enough? Can he accept her? Can she accept him?

And the excerpt from Book 1:

“He hasn’t called,” Kelli said, leaning her head into Heather’s chest, tears forming.

“Well honey,” she said, running her fingers through Kelli’s hair, “it’s only been a couple of hours.”

“How long does it take. Google, eleven letters, hit return. Read a couple of paragraphs.”

“I don’t think his typing skills are the issue. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to take it all in. That’s a lot to unload on a guy over a cup of coffee.”

“So when would you have done it?”

“Me? Hell, I’m a control freak. I would have waited until his dick started to send out the ‘I’m coming’ alert, then I would have said ‘oh by the way.’” Kelli couldn’t help but laugh. That would be a good time.

“I hope I did the right thing,” Kelli said.

“You did,” she responded, patting her hair. “He’ll call. You watch. You too beautiful to ignore.”

Kelli snuggled closer to her friend. She always made her feel better about everything. She couldn’t ask for a better friend. Heather continued stroking her hair feeling her friend relax in her arms.

Her hand slid around to stroke her cheeks, feeling for tears. Her cheek was dry, a good sign. Kelli gave a deep sigh. Heather leaned her head against Kelli’s as her hand moved down to her neck, feeling the steady pulse.

Heather starting feeling warm, a sensation she always liked. Kelli and her had been friends with benefits their whole lives. They had discovered sex together. The first dick Heather ever saw was on Kelli. Of all the people on the face of the earth – parents, other friends, anyone – Heather and Kelli could depend on one another.

Now Heather brushed her hand against Kelli’s nipples and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath, then a long sigh. Kelli turned her face to Heather, looking deeply into her eyes.

Kelli closed her eyes and puckered her lips, knowing Heather would lean into her to take them. She did. Heather licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, tasting the exquisiteness of her friend.

This was fun to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as much. The Trans and The Marine Bundle available now.

My Review of Demon’s Embrace by Bryce Calderwood

51Qhz3dZ7TL._AA160_Veronica Hudson, just your run-of-the-mill demon hunter. Sexy. Capable. Horny. Working for the Church, she hunts down whatever demon is roaming the earth in order to send them back to hell.

It all goes well for her before she decides to sample their joys. These demons are succubi… futanari… huge boobs, dongs, pussies and a prehensile tail. I love that tail. And we’re not talking “oh wow, nice dick” big. We’re talking about “Ohmigod get that thing away from me” big. That’s right, we’re talking typical Bryce Calderwood futa dimensions. Both in equipment and output.

Veronica, curious at first, becomes downright infatuated with what the demons are capable of doing to her. She’s willing to use everything at her disposal, including her body, to subdue her prey… after enjoying their favors, of course. First things first.

She may have met her match when a Virtue – a step above archangels – comes onto the scene with her retinue of demonettes. Xezbeth may be a little too much for her to handle. Or is she?

This is not my first Bryce book. Nor will it be my last. I enjoy his style of writing, his truly dark (some say sick!) mind, and the full-developed worlds his book reside in.

I thank him for yet another thrill ride. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to change my underwear.

Mixed Day

44f14785a9725bbab11020c40198541bDepression is setting in. That happens to me occasionally. I’m about to face a problem I never thought I’d have. It relates to my HRT, doctor, prescriptions, those sort of things. As of this moment I have no idea what I’m going to do. The problem was just related to me this morning and I haven’t had time yet to  reflect. The initial reaction is… well, stunned. Unexpected.

I’ll survive, dear blogger friends. I have to wrap my mind around it is all, then work out a solution and move on it. Currently, I have to drive five hours to get to periodically meet with my people. That’s going away. I’ll just need to find someplace else, that’s all.

The good news is that Her Hot Futa Wife is ranked #15 for LGBT/Transgender on Amazon. That makes me happy. The other doesn’t. Ergo, “Mixed Day”.

Hot Futa Wife Jailbreak!

Her Hot Futa Wife 2It wasn’t easy. It took three covers, but by god Her Hot Futa Wife is finally available to the casual browser. The second cover I submitted also got tagged as adult. Know why? A bra strap dangled from her shoulder. A bra strap. <sigh> My friend Reed James called it. I should have listened but nooooooooo, I had already submitted it so could do nothing but wait for the inevitable filter of death.

Anyway, if you’re still interested you can get to it at Her Hot Futa Wife. Meanwhile, I am already halfway through my next book, The Office Futa. This will be a series. More about that in my next post, though.

Her Hot Futa Wife LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 2 (1)Her Hot Futa Wife is available on Amazon. This is a hotwife book with the twist of involving a futa. Here’s the blurb:

Ruby and Miho are your typical happily married couple. Miho works in an office while Ruby is a stay-at-home romance writer. Oh yes… Ruby is a futa. Their lives are fine until Miho gets a new boss at work. Alex is an aggressive lesbian with the power to hire and fire any employee and has been mandated to streamline the office.

Miho finds herself about to be streamlined. Alex proposes a solution. A visit from Ruby would ensure her continued employment. What should Miho do? Will Ruby be willing to be shared just this once?

Here’s the excerpt:

Ruby leaned against the counter still in her sleepwear… a white cotton thong with matching sports bra. Neither could contain her sumptuous flesh. Breasts, large and full, bulged from the sides.

She smiled as Miho’s eyes trailed down her body admiring the narrow waist and wide hips she so loved to ride. Miho chuckled at the sight of her thong trying unsuccessfully to cover Ruby’s enormous cock and balls. Her futa parts could definitely not be contained by such flimsy clothing. The only reason she even tried stood before Ruby – for that look of lust on Miho’s face. She did everything but drool as Ruby walked towards her bringing the first cup.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Ruby said, holding out the wonderful life-giving mug.

“Is there any better way to wake up in the morning, my love?” Miho asked as she took it. She had a mischievous look on her face. Actually, she could think of a better way.

“I know that look,” Ruby said, sipping her own coffee. “Eggs… toast… me?”

“Well, I actually don’t have anything until a meeting later this morning. Any looming deadlines for you?”

“Nothing. I can write while you’re at work,” she said. The thoughts of where this conversation was going made her futa cock begin to thicken. It quickly overwhelmed the tiny thong and eased its way into the discussion.

Poor Miho. When the visit Ruby had with Alex is over, she has to hear about it from an angry wife. But in a fun way.

Come, read, enjoy at Her Hot Futa Wife

Well Hell, I Did It Again

c6d1d56e6620579148a56ccc7e9507b7Amazon has found my latest book cover too hot to handle. It’s been marked “adult”. You’d think I’d learn, but I’m obviously a very slow learner. <sigh> This throws me off my book-a-week schedule since I anticipate this not coming live until next week. Sucks.

But, when you’re a one-gal operation, there’s no one else I can blame. I guess I’ll have to spank myself. (Well, that’ll cheer me up!)

Here’s the offending photo. Too much cheek, I guess.Her Hot Futa Wife

6 Ways Transphobia Directly Contributes to High Rates of Suicide in Trans Communities by Brynn Tannehill

This is an excellent article. Naturally it dredged up some old memories. This contains a lot of truths. A few years ago… well, longer now… I was sitting in a barn one night in Virginia (where I lived), gun in hand. Depressed. The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger is that I was afraid the noise would scare my horses and they would hurt themselves trying to get out of the stalls. How about that. More concerned with my animals than me. The article even mentions Washington DC, which is where I worked at the time and was the cause of my depression. Ah, how time changes outlooks, huh.

I’m not sure if I even posted how I got from Washington DC to a little burg in Florida. Someday I’ll tell you. I used the experiences in my first book series “T-Girl in the Office.” At that time before my therapist would start hormone treatment, I had to live as a woman for a year. Horseshit! So before I could receive any treatment that might actually help feminize my features, and thus help me ‘pass’, I had to be a man-in-a-dress for a year?! What kind of thinking is that?

The good thing is… it lead to a 9-book series about those experiences LOL. So I got the last laugh! <laughing hysterically!>

TMI? Who Cares, It’s My Blog

Remember, if you see my posts you understand I am a writer of erotica. I think about this stuff all the time. Anyway, thought I’d share them.

I’m into my next book concerning a futa hotwife, and of course, that means serious researching (watching porn) . In watching one, in particular, I recall just how fucking much I enjoy the feel of a hard cock in my hands and mouth.

I can think of no better sensation — well, actually I can but for the sake of argument — than one hand slowly stroking that rock hard dick while the head lays in my mouth, lips sealed tightly around the ridge of the crown. I like to lightly run my fingers along the shaft and feel the swollen veins encircling around it. So tactile.

My other hand enjoys rolling around his nutsack, using my long nails to tickle the wrinkled flesh. Men. Men are absolutely helpless at that time (or, at least, the ones I’ve had). Put their dick in your mouth and they’ll pretty much just moan and groan and promise you the stars and the moon.

But the best part is when he’s getting ready to come. The feel of his shaft trembling, the glans swelling larger, the delicious — really, the best — precum starting to pour out. Umm, tasty, guys.

The man will shove those hips right into me with the intention of getting his meat into my throat, but I don’t let that happen. I keep the head just inside my mouth and stroke that shaft faster. I can feel it swell against my palm… feel every spasm as he starts pumping that nectar into my mouth.

I think what I like is that twin sensation… the spasming in my hand and the outpouring of jism. Oh sure, the flopping around he does, the sounds of grunting, the total loss of muscular control as he becomes a marionette whose strings have been cut, that’s exciting. As a good Catholic girl, I appreciate the many prayers to the deity (oh god oh god oh god) But I’m enjoying the throbbing member and the splashing hot cum the most.

And when he’s done… he’s calmed… I like to sit back and look him in the eyes as I let the mouthful I’ve just accumulated drool from my mouth. I don’t try to catch it. I just watch him while it pours over my lips, down my chin and… if he’s especially productive, onto my chest. The looks he gives me when I rub it into my tits amuse me. In reality, once that stuff starts to get cool I want to just wash it off. But it’s worth the effort just to hear him groan again.Haha.

If he’s lucky… if he’s done well… I’ll lay back and let him watch me finish myself. Otherwise, I’ll excuse myself to take a shower and do myself there.

Just an afternoon reflection as I take a break from the writing. By writing more haha!

A Start on My Next Book

Her Hot Futa WifeIt never ends. I thought of a hotwife story with a twist… Ruby, a romance writer who stays at home is futa while her spouse Miho is a lesbian who works in an office downtown. Miho gets a new female boss, Alex, who is also lesbian. After a week, Miho asks Alex home for dinner. Alex gets an eyeful of Ruby and pressures the spouse to set up a private meet, insinuating she’ll let Miho go if it doesn’t happen. Ruby is reluctant but, out of fear for spouse’s job, goes to Alex’s apartment. The time between Ruby and Alex doesn’t go as anticipated. Alex was expecting a meek, submissive young woman and instead got a latex- (or leather, not sure yet) clad dominatrix that ends up putting the fear of god in the boss. Won’t bother Miho anymore LOL. Ruby comes home, tells Miho what happened with Alex while having sex with her.

Sounds trite to my ears, but hey, I ain’t Shakespeare! We’ll see how it goes.

My Review of Pegged By My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura von Sternberg

51icXRT--6L._AA160_This is my review of Pegged By My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura von Sternberg. I have been eagerly waiting for Sakura’s latest for a while. I’ve been a fan since discovering her “Joan of Arc” sci-fi erotica. She moved my heart with “Transfer Student,” then scared the crap out of me with “Slumber Party Succubus” and “Necromantic Encounter.” So I was curious to see what was next.

What was next was fall down, gasp for breath, comedy. I was laughing from the first paragraph. And I don’t mean a chuckle, a guffaw – I mean I was run out of breath and still trying, red-faced scare the hell out of the dog laughing. Poor doggie jumped off the bed to wait for whatever I was trying to hock up to make its appearance!

This was to the description of our male lead, the basement-dwelling Kevin aka Kebinu-kun. How many men have we known in our lives just like Kebinu? Bumbling, incorrigible around real-life women, they take on a powerful persona with the digital. But ah, what happens if the digital crosses over and becomes real? Hmmm?

And that is when the erotic kicks in. And oh is it erotic. I do love where the author’s head is at. No description… don’t want to spoil it. My only comment is… I want to be her waifu!