Gotta Go

women_drama51-300x257I have done a lot of soul-searching the last couple of days. I just can’t go on, I can’t do it. I believe my priest has poisoned  others against me. I have started to notice other parishioners giving me the old side-eye, people I have known and worked with for years now. I’ve led committees, been a… never mind. It doesn’t matter. Church has become a toxic atmosphere and is doing absolutely no good for my soul. I quit. I told Father today I was leaving the church and walked away.

I feel better already. Relieved. Sad, but relieved.

Rant: Pissed Again

anger-18658_960_720I had to take a long drive this morning, just to clear my mind and find peace. As usual, I attended morning Mass… in fact, I was the lector (read the scriptures aloud minus the Gospel).

As I noted in an earlier post, Pissed Off, my priest is very conservative. He’s even said bad things about the current Pope because he’s too liberal in his opinion. In Pissed Off I noted how he went on a homily rant about trans people. It took me over a day to get over that.

So this morning the First Reading — the reading I read to everyone — was about Jeremiah prophesying concerning the potter taking clay and making whatever object he pleased. According to him, it is not up to the pot to remake itself in any fashion it wishes. If he makes a pot with a spout, removing the spout goes against its maker and is cursed.

Well fuck you, Father. You had me read the very scripture you were going to use to chastise me. He always, I mean always, bases his homily on the Gospel. Today, Jeremiah. I was thiiiiiiis close to standing up, lifting my skirt and waving my spout at him yelling ‘and I’m still a woman anyway.’

A Tumblr friend — wishyoulivedcloser –gave me excellent ammunition should he ever directly accost me. It concerns Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch as noted in the book of Acts. I keep it at my fingertips! Thanks

Twice in one month. <sigh> I shouldn’t let this stuff get to me. But I left DC because of the dangerous atmosphere and actual physical attacks. Since I moved to this small town everyone pretty much ignores me but does nothing to embarrass or humiliate me. Just toleration, which is all I want. To go to church in order to be attacked is just… just… wrong.

Is It Wrong?

04c3fa69495123beffabd891ba430048Real Life: My breasts are thickening nicely. And my nipples appreciate V’s attention. Ahh, life is good with hormones! I tend to giggle or tear up at the drop of a hat. Regardless, I certainly wish I had started decades sooner. But better late than never.

Second Life: I had a difficult decision on entering the sim Second Life. It is hard to explain, actually. As a transgender woman I wanted to experience, digitally, being a woman. Yet being TG I felt I should stay true to myself. I joined transgender groups, got an apartment in a transgender apartment building, and go to various LGBTQ-friendly clubs. So I shop around in the sim to buy an attachment to match how I have to live? I can’t believe I seriously contemplated such a thing. It just dawned on me… I’m a woman. Parts  don’t define me. I simply am what I am. And what I am is a woman. So my avatar is most definitely female all the way. Hear me roar! And don’t let my swinging boobs knock you over as I pass! (For those who know SL, I discovered the physics button — whoa momma)

Wonderful Day Sailing

Sailing with Whiskas 5 croppedSecond Life provides the opportunity for activities I haven’t done in years. A couple of days ago it was sailing with a new friend. We met as I was doing my favorite activity… shopping! She taught me about sandboxes. The next day we got together again to sail. I had a wonderful time with the wind blowing through my hair. Unfortunately, I hadn’t shopped for a bikini so I went au naturel… the wind blew through everything! (I’m the brunette.)