Unbowed / The Substitute — WIP

Unbowed The Professor Sub 3After reflection concerning whether to write something meditative, quasi-semi-pseudo-autobiographical in nature, or total jism flinging smut, I started both. Ha! Fooled you, didn’t I. Although my pull is to the meditative piece, and it has the bulk of produced words, I making sure there’s enough sex in it to keep myself (and hopefully the reader) interested.

The two covers show my inspiration at this point. Covers can change, though, so who knows.

Unbowed tells the story of a transwoman dumped by her years-long cis lover. Dejected and self-loathing at first, she finds potential love working beside her in the company she owns. The woman who is her number two is steadfast at her side during her crisis. She doesn’t recognize what is right in front of her, instead reveling in her downward spiral. Something tells me she will come out of it OK.

The Professor and the Substitute is book 3 of The Professor and… series. Book 2 saw the good professor in the hands of a redheaded female volleyball player who turned the tables and totally dominated his ass. Boy, was that fun to write! No way could I be as mean as the redhead. The Substitute is brought in because the professor was so emotionally damaged he had to take a year’s sabbatical. The Substitute is a transwoman who is there is cover TG history through the ages. And to despoil some of the students. Mostly the despoil part! I see a four-some in my future (on paper, anyway).

Deep Quandary

limboweb_by_senju_hime-d6gsbvnI currently have five stories in development. My quandary… do I opt to write a meditative story of a transwoman’s struggles with self-worth after being dropped by a cis boyfriend, or go for a little out and out smut, sex-driven snot slinging, ass slapping, bukake loving story? Decision decisions.


My Thanksgiving

cbe26c3aee8bcd42d0261d3cadd4019f2015-04-16 11.00.37This is my first Thanksgiving since I divested myself of a worthless cis lump earlier in the year (no bitterness there, huh!) And I’m not only good with that, I prefer it. I’ve got my one true love by my side, Rachel. Always loving, always loyal, always ready for a belly rub and a lick. Just like mommy!

Since my cooking is under watch by the EPA as a toxic dump site, I have my holiday meals at the Golden Corral. And don’t laugh! All the turkey, taters and fixin’s I can shovel into my mouth with no cleanup afterwards.

I hope all of my readers have a wonderful holiday, full of family, friends and loving companions around their tables. Be kind to one another. Eat too much, burp with joyous abandon, and may the only arguments be about who wins the local football game.

Bless all of you!

It Lives! T-Girl in the Office: Wedding Day

In the Office 9 Wedding DayThe 9th and final installment of T-Girl in the Office is now available on Amazon. This series has told the story of a trans woman who meets a cis man, falls in love, and begins a life together. It’s been fun to write. I have really grown to love these characters. Here’s the blurb for the book:

The big day has finally arrived for Ashlyn, the transwoman, and Pete, her cis fiancé. It has been a long road for them, from first meeting to falling in love, from a brutal attack to starting a new life together.

Their wedding day finds them in preparation for the ceremony. Melinda, Ashlyn’s best friend since childhood, has taken a shine to the photographer/videographer. She asks for some special, private photos. He is more than happy to provide such a service. But he quickly discovers she has much more in mind than a simple picture.

After the long day will our newlyweds have the energy for their first night together? Will they celebrate as man and wife or take an early night’s sleep? Ha! They will have rip-roaring sex!

Available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018IYXLFA

Review of Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg

51FW3KcMD0L._AA160_I’m slow to the party on this one. It’s been out successfully for a couple of weeks. I may be slow but I finally get to where I’m going! The review:

The mind of Sakura is a dark, dangerous place. Exciting, but dangerous. Not for the faint of heart.

Are we alone now? Are the kiddies in bed? Good. OK, here’s the deal.

The story is written from the narrator’s point of view. Alexa is the trans who harbors love for her best friend, Isabelle. The longing she feels for her BFF is palpable. I was moved and pulled for her to succeed the entire book.

As Alexa tells her story of coming to terms with her transitioning I was deeply moved. It is a heartfelt narrative. And her emotions of wanting so much to tell Isabelle – so wanting to yet so afraid – your heart just breaks for her.

When she finally opens up to Isabelle you want to cheer. And yet there is more. How to take it to the next level? Wrong words are spoken at the wrong time. Alexa and her BFF are not in the same place. Or are they?

To move this dance along comes the succubus Ardat-Lile. When she enters the story darkness takes over.

Naked, voluptuous, imperious, this demoness is large and in charge. The description Sakura provides will curl your toes! And the sex: I can’t get into a description. There is simply too much and I don’t want to spoil your own enjoyment. What I will tell you is that during some of the scenes I had to step away from the book for a little me time.

Everything is well described making it easy for you to place yourself in Alexa’s situation. And believe me you’ll want to. It is unrelenting.

Get this book. Read it. Enjoy it. You’ll be sore the next day but it’ll be well worth it. 5 stars all the way.

Birthday Dinner

Just had a lovely time. Last evening I was with some friends packing up sacks of food for those unfortunates in our community. I happened to mention today was my birthday so plans were made to go out for dinner.

it was wonderful. There’s a new Japanese restaurant in town with hibachi grill. So we went for the performance as much as the food. Everything was wonderful. And the best news… my dinner was paid for! Just like a date except without the anxiety of the goodnight kiss.

Life is good.

Potential new book

33900360f3c9bd278f34a9e8bf1eb533I am coming to a close on my current book. Done by this weekend or early next week. So I’m spitballing my next book. I already have two in the pipeline I could continue on, and may well do just that. But lately I’ve been rolling around the idea of a zombie romance. I already did one called My Zombie Lover (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013PYDSA6) but that was written right after I got rid of a worthless son-of-a-bitch from my life, so the writing was a little on the brutal side. Kinda vicious, actually. Not proud of it exactly, but it sure was cathartic.

My initial thoughts relate back to cowboy movie days. When a town in the old west started moving from cowboys and sheepherders into a real town with a church, stores and schools for families with children, they had to hire a freelance marshal to ride in and save the day. He’d bring in deputies to assist and they would post and enforce rules for behavior — no guns, no public drunkenness, etc.

So now we are several years into the zombie apocalypse, the Zs are rotting beyond serious danger. Real Romero-type zombies, slow shufflers. But they are still dangerous when in large packs. A human can become trapped in a group and infected. Any town wanting to move beyond just hiding out has to dispose of all the zombies around their area, set up proper defenses and get on with life. Grow food, domesticate animals, develop an agrarian society again.

To make their town safe, the town leaders hire — zombie possee? zombie gang? I don’t know what to call them yet — to come into town, evaluate, and go about killing every zombie within miles. The romance is in the possee between the members.

Since I write erotica, sex will be aplenty, mixed in with the danger. Not only from the zombies but from a rival gang that wants to rule the town themselves. A rival gang. Obviously they’ll have to have some hotties in there. Hmm, maybe a romeo-juliet thing. Just spitballing.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Just typing stuff out.

Well fuck…

I was so up last night after spending the day writing about my characters’ wedding day. Fussing over the undergarments, the gown, the photography. I guess overnight i started contemplating  my life, where i am at this point. I’ll never have a wedding day. I’ll never be with a man who loves me, who’ll swoon when i walk down the aisle looking beautiful.

Sorry. Depressed.

Wedding outfit for my character

corset_blanco_by_mejiaI’m having so much fun with T-Girl in the Office: Wedding Day. I just put the finishing touches to the description of what all Ashlyn is wearing. From Manolos to corset, the girl’s looking good! I so wanted the Jimmy Choos, but the Manolos were more elegant. <Sigh> I wish I had to make such a choice in real life!